Cellulite Diet

Our "cellulite diet" is actually a comprehensive overall skin and health improvement diet. We believe that by increasing the alkaline pH in the body, you can decrease fat build-up, improve the skin tone, look and feel younger.

Many doctors are coming to realize that skin conditions, fatigue, and poor skin tone partially results from an overly acidic body and skin. Increasing your water intake can many positive results on the skin as well as your overall health. Water flushes acidic toxins from the body. It puts needed moisture into the skin and more moisture helps to increase the elasticity of the skin.

Water is most important as most with cellulite are dehydrated. Water helps to balance the body's skin and actually helps to both lose weight and reduce cellulite. Drinking water from home or work out of the faucet, tap or spigot is much better for your skin and body than drinking bottled water as 1) bottled water is more acidic to keep bacterial, viral or fungal spores from growing and making you sick or the water tasting bad after being stored for two to six months normally. If you don't like the taste of your home or office water, simply add two ounces of orange juice or any other juice to your water.

Basic dietary changes may include:

  • Large meals should be avoided. Eat 5-6 small meals or three small meals with protein snacks in between.
  • Reduce saturated as well as total fat intake.
  • Adjust caloric intake to help maintain ideal body weight.
  • Increase amount of complex carbohydrates such as a baked potato seasoned with various herbs or peppers, etc., mixed brown rice, multiple grain breads and cereals. Always try to reduce simple carbohydrates such as cookies, doughnuts, or candies with refined sugars or baked goods which are high in saturated fats.
  • Increase the amount of vegetables, broiled fish and various fruits. Fruits are wonderful for the mid-meal snack as they provide nutrition, ease of handling while working and providing the strength needed to work while being low fat.
  • Eat foods from all the basic food groups. Alter bad eating habits that you are already aware of by simply eating properly without starving so that you do not 'binge'. Make a list of permitted foods so that you are always prepared to eat sensibly and to prevent the adding of fat and the 'cellulite circles'.