Questions that are asked often

Is Cellulite Ltd III expensive?

No, Cellulite-Ltd III is inexpensive while being most effective, invisible on the skin or clothing and easy to apply. A cost of $88.00 for two Cellulite-Ltd III disks will provide the improvement in the appearance of your cellulite appearance skin. The price is inclusive of delivery anywhere in the world. This also includes taxes and air postage throughout the world.

Cellulite-Ltd III processing & mailing:

Cellulite-Ltd III is processed and mailed to you with the proper Letter of Instructions during the business day and receipt of the delivery to you will be within two to three postal days by U.S. Priority Mail in the U.S. and Federal Express in other countries.

The ingredients of Cellulite Ltd III are ingredients within your body already:

Within your body and skin you will find these ingredients which are also within Cellulite-Ltd III: sodium chloride, zinc oxide, cornstarch, sulfur, polyethylene glycol, copper oxide, and iron oxide.

Ordering Cellulite-Ltd III is very easy:

Cellulite-Ltd III ordering online, fax,phone, or my mail with your check being included

Moisturizer Recommendation

100% pure Jojoba oil or Safflower oil are the best for your skin. Safflower oil can be found in your grocery store most often.

How can I contact Bass & Boney?

By e-mail at

Do you have a refund policy?

Cellulite-Ltd III has an unconditional 120-day, 100% refund.

How do I return Cellulite Ltd III?

Simply return it to us with the instruction letter that has your name, address, etc. and we will immediately make the refund.