Weight Loss

Weight reduction can result in cellulite reduction. Weight reduction decreases the amount of adipose tissue expansion and therefore decreases the visibility of cellulite (Drs. Scherwitz and Braum-Falco).

Weight loss can help to minimize and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Set realistic goals such as 1-2 pounds a week. Don't starve yourself if you don't make it, however, most importantly keep trying and feeling good instead of starving and bingeing into more cellulite. Use the extra strength from the pounds not lost to exercise. Weekly checks of weight in pounds are always encouraged.

However, weight loss should be gradual and not too abrupt so as not to intensify the "mattress phenomenon," (Drs. Nurnberger and Muller) therefore, crash and fad diets should be avoided. "Slower weight loss offers better cosmetic results" (Drs. Lewis, Heitkemper, and Dirksen).

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